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Jess Richter is a German-Canadian contemporary folk artist based in Regina, Saskatchewan (Treaty 4 Territory). Her practice includes installation, site-specific work, printmaking, and drawing. She holds an MFA from the University of Regina.

Influenced by British, German, and Eastern-European folk ritual and tradition, she recontextualizes these practices within contemporary Saskatchewan to explore the submerged identities of German-Canadians in post-war, rural Canada. Rejecting traditional narratives around Canada’s process of creating cultural identity, she uses empathy and personal mythology to investigate methods of ritual and place to create identity. Engaging with stigma and shame, she creates empathetic narratives around the German-Canadian experience. In her explorations, she is keenly aware of the history of misuse of German culture in white supremacist narratives and creates work and confronts those complexities with care. Her work is strongly influenced by her agrarian upbringing, and traditional folklore around farming practices in Europe.