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About the Work

My sculptures and paper-cuts discuss the tumultuous histories of immigrant populations in mid-twentieth century Saskatchewan, specifically my German grandparents.  Using wintery fairy tale imagery and German folk influences, I explore displaced womens’ processes of rebuilding shattered lives and homes in an unfamiliar and often unwelcoming country. 



My work is informed by my grandparent’s experiences as displaced persons post WWII and contextualizes their story into broader histories of immigration in Canada and the political and social climate for German refugees at that time. I'm interested in how home is created, and recovery from trauma experienced by German women after the war.  My meticulous papercuts are a homage to the female-oriented art of German papercutting, and reflect my interest in creating a controlled world. Dark fairy tale narratives appear within my work, placing it within a surreal world divided between 1940s Germany and 1950s Saskatchewan. 


I put myself in this world as a mediator, explorer, observer, and (occasionally) destroyer.