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PROJECT UPDATE: Thank you to all who came out to see "The Haus Project".  I am overwhelmed by the interest and support.  Hundreds of people from across the province came to see this, and I so thankful for your support.  Should the structure hold up, the Haus may be reopened in summer 2020.  


Begun in October 2018, The Haus Project (Einwanderin) is a site specific installation located outside of Nokomis, SK.   This project was undertaken as part of a CARFAC Sask mentorhsip with Heather Benning, and is an extension of my smaller, sculptural pratice.  


This project explores German-Canadian identity and history in post-WWII Canada and the liminal nature of cultural identity. It is an in-between space that is neither prairie nor forest, real nor mythical, safe nor dangerous, and neither German nor Canadian – a space that is stuck in between identities using lasercut sculpture, large scale papercuts, and re configuring the interior of the house.  This immersive work allows the viewer to walk through a farmhouse kitchen, through the Black Forests, and to explore for themselves the complicated nature of German identity in the context of Canada after the Second World War. 



This project has been supported by CARFAC Sask, the Saskatchewan Arts Board, and Stockdale Electric Motor Corp.  Special thank you to Brian and Rita Bart for allowing me to use this farmhouse for the project!


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